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What does Rudyard Kipling mean by the 'white man's burden'?

White Man's Burden   White man's burden was a concept very popular during the 1800's and  into the 1900's that it was the responsibility of european empires  to bring ci (MORE)

Was the white man's burden so effective?

  It really depends on your definition of 'effective'. Many people lost their way of life in the face of European colonization. So in one regard, it was effective since th (MORE)

What does 'white man's burden' mean?

The responsibility of bringing civilization and Christianity to developing countries. This perceived responsibility on the part of Europeans drove them to colonize the Third (MORE)

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Where Was The Railway Man Film Filmed?

The Railway Man was Filmed in Bo'ness Originally Called Borrowstouness The maker was colin firth and most of the scenes where filmed on the kinneil Railway Station In The Town (MORE)