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Is there caffeine in white tea?

Although there is very little there is indeed a bit of caffeine in white tea. It has about 1% the amount of caffeine in an average cup of coffee.
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Which is better Green tea or White Tea?

It's a taste preference, everybody is different. White is tea going to taste light and traditional. If you have fruity white teas it won't be overwhelming. Green teas are goin (MORE)
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Does white tea have caffeine in it?

Yes, although it does not have much it still has a Little caffeine in it. About 1% as much as in a cup of coffee.
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What is the differences between black tea green tea white tea and oolong tea?

The beverage we have commonly come to call tea is the result of steeping the leaves of the tea tree (Camelia sinensis) in boiling water. All teas are from this common plant, i (MORE)

What are the health benefits of white tea?

  Health Benefits of White Tea: High in antioxidants, aids in detoxifying the body, studies show white tea is excellent for skin/complexion reducing fine lines and wrinkle (MORE)

What are the disadvantages of white tea?

Some white teas, particularly those like silver needle white tea (bai hao yinzhen) have a very mild flavor, and people often think they are too bland. Some people even say the (MORE)

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How is white tea green tea and black tea different?

White tea, It has been shown to protect animals from certain pathogenic bacteria. Green tea assists in weight loss and diabetes control, stops liver disease, tooth decay and i (MORE)