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Calories in a glass of white zinfandel?

If the assumption is on average 150 mL of white wine (or zinfandel) and we use Berringer's white zinfandel of 550 calories in 750 mL, then the average number of calories is 11 (MORE)

Was the White House always White?

Many people including have supposed that the white house was painted white in order to cover burn marks left by British troops in 1814. I just finished a guided tour of the Wh (MORE)

What is white?

White is the color seen by the human eye that senses light which  contains all wavelengths of the visible spectrum. White is the  color of snow, milk, and clouds.
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Is white cranberry juice white?

Yes white cranberry juice can be white. It seems to be available in  a variety of shades, even with the same manufacturer.
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Are white blood cells white?

white blood cells are colorless ,but if they close to each other and dense they appear white.
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Why am i white?

if you mean Caucasian, it is because your parents are, , if you  mean white like being pale, you are probably ill
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