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What materials are whitewater rafts made of?

Inflatable rafts are generally constructed of either Hypalon rubber, or Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC). Both of these materials are considered "Bomb Proof" and are used in commerci (MORE)

What is a sentence with the word ''scandal''?

We must avoid being drawn into a scandal. The newspaper headline about the fake designer slippers read, "Sandal Scandal". What scandal will be revealed on next week's episode?
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What is a hydraulic in whitewater rafting?

  A hydraulic in a river is formed when water falls over a ledge, rock, log, or other object. When the water falls off this object, it picks up speed and when it hits the (MORE)

Is whitewater fresh zest soap available?

  Whitewater fresh Zest   Proctor and Gamble have stopped making this bar and have replaced it's scent with Linen Fresh. I have been trying to find old stock around (MORE)

What was whitewater?

Long story short, it was a controversy that involved Bill and Hillary Clinton. Back in the late 1970's, they joined with a couple other people to invest in a land development (MORE)

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What was the scandal for Watson and Crick?

The Watson and Crick scandal was when James Watson and Francis Crick were trying to figure out the 3 dimensional structure of DNA. They came very close to discovering it when (MORE)

What people were involved in the Watergate scandal?

Five men who were key figures in the Watergate scandal and exposure were Richard Nixon, Judge John Sirica, John Mitchell, G. Gordon Libby, and Senator Sam Ervin. Some other (MORE)

What was the end of the Watergate scandal?

The end of the watergatre scandal was when the Supreme Court asked for, "the tapes," which had an 18.5 minute gap. However, the President refused to give them up. The House of (MORE)

What was the Watergate scandal?

The Watergate Scandal (1972-1974) (or just "Watergate") was anAmerican political scandal and constitutional crisis that led tothe resignation of President Richard Nixon. The (MORE)