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Does dorset have a beach?

Yes, lots of them, rocky, sandy and cliffs. A whole variaty of them. Best one is Bournemouth/Sandbanks very sandy and clean gets lots of awards. also visit Chesil beach at (MORE)

What are the songs in the musical RENT?

From RENT the stage musical: Tune Up #1Voice Mail #1 Tune Up #2 Rent You Okay Honey? Tune Up #3 One Song GloryLight My Candle Voice Mail #2 Today 4 U You'll See Tang (MORE)

What are examples of songs from musical theatre?

Popular musicals are 'Phantom of the Opera', 'Les Miserables', 'Hairspray', 'Wicked', 'Guys and Dolls', 'Oliver!', 'Chicago' and MANY more. Frankly, I am slightly shocked you (MORE)
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What are all the songs in Annie the Musical?

MaybeIt's the Hard-Knock LifeWe'd Like to Thank YouLittle GirlsI Think I'm Gonna Like It HereN.Y.C.Easy StreetYou Won't Be An Orphan For LongYou're Never Fully Dressed Without (MORE)

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