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How many carbs in 1 cup of whole wheat flour?

Gold Medal brand Whole Wheat Flour Nutrition Facts label says 1/4 cup (30g) has 21g Total Carbohydrate, 3g Dietary Fiber, and 18g Other Carbohydrate. So a cup would have 84g o (MORE)

Do you sift whole wheat flour?

No, it is not necessary to sift whole wheat flour. If you made the flour by yourself, and the flour isn't like a smooth powdery texture, then you should sift it to remove any (MORE)
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Does whole wheat pasta contain flour?

I would say that whole wheat pasta contains flour because basically almost every food contains flour so I would say yes. Whole wheat pasta is made from flour which is ground f (MORE)

Is whole wheat flour bad for you?

Wheat flour is a "High Glycemic Carbohydrate" which rapidly raise your blood sugar, trigger insulin, and raise your blood fats (triglycerides). Eat a "whole grain" flour.
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