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What is a wholesale company?

\n. \nWholesale is the resale of new and used goods in large quantities or bulk, at lower prices to retailers, industrial, commercial, institutional, professional business us ( Full Answer )
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What is a wholesaler?

They are people who buy large quantities of goods and resell tomerchants rather than to the ultimate customers. They are sometimescalled distributors
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Functions of wholesalers?

Wholesalers actually provide several marketing functions.Essentially, wholesalers purchase items in bulk from the producersand resell them individually to retailers.
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What are objectives of wholesalers?

the objectives of a wholesaler is to sell a large amount of any product to the end buyer.
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What is future of a wholesaler?

Death by getting his head ran over. Nah,just kidding I'm not completely sure but probably a good amount of money.PEACE!
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What does wholesale mean?

Selling of goods.That is what I got from my late night researchfrom Google Chrome. Hope this helped you out there!:) Resellers get a special price on goods since they are not ( Full Answer )
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What is meaning of wholesaller?

a whlosaller is someone who distributes a product out. i only know this as i am currentlt studying business managemnt at high school
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Is Walmart a wholesaler?

Walmart is a large chain retailer that is also a wholesaler foritself. When Walmart was formed, none of the wholesalers at thetime were willing to provide service to a busines ( Full Answer )
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What are the advantages of a wholesaler?

The advantages of a wholesaler is that they are able to deal directly with the public instead of having to rely on a business to sell its goods. This allows the wholesaler to ( Full Answer )
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What definition of wholesale and wholesaler?

Wholesale is when things are sold in large amounts; such as household items or canned goods sold by the unopened carton of 24 pieces each. This is usually done from manufactur ( Full Answer )