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What is wholesome demand?

Wholesome demand is the demand for a product in which there are  negative attributes of the product. Some examples would be alcohol  and cigarettes, which are in demand amon (MORE)
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What is a wholesome personality?

I wholesome personality is hard to have, but there are a few  character traits that stand out.  1. Be educated/smart but not in inappropriate ways.  2. Protect your self, i (MORE)

What wholesome books are out there for teens?

I have read many teen books, but for me the best are: 1. The Hunger Games triology- I loved the series very much and the proof is in its many awards. The series is addictive (MORE)

Is wholesome a compound word?

Yes, wholesome is a compound word. It is two words with different meanings. When put together it forms one whole new word with another meaning. whole: having all its proper pa (MORE)
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What does too sweet to be wholesome mean?

Too sweet to be wholesome means: - 1) Too good to be true. 2) It is usually said by cynical people who feel they are being lulled into a false sense of security by somebody e (MORE)