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Falling out of love?

Falling out of love can come from losing that spark in your relationship. Being used to the person can lead to boredom which can lead to falling out of love. Previous fights, (MORE)

What are the signs when you are fooled by someone you love?

If he or she is a bit distant, doesn't talk much, stops texting at a random point of time (in some cases) etc., there are a lot of factors related to this question but these a (MORE)

Why do we fall in love?

It is impulsive human nature., a desire for someone you want to spend your life with. we fall in love to gain a sense of security,
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Who you fall in love with?

who ever you feel safe with. dont pick the wrong person. remimber you may not find love, love might just find you
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How is it possible to fall in love with and be so fooled by a narcissist?

  Answer   It is entirely reasonable, and even probable, to fall in love with someone who thinks very highly of themselves. If after some time, one discovers that t (MORE)

Can you fall out of love?

Yes you can. Sometimes the chemistry of two people just doesn't mix any longer or some people simply have too high of an expectation re love (they think the magic lasts foreve (MORE)

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What is the lyrics to you fooled around and fell in love?

Must have been through 'bout a million girls I'd love em and I'd leave em alone I didn't care how much they cried no sir Their tears left me cold as a stone Chorus B (MORE)