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Why do countries have different time zones?

Its because time is calculated with the help of latitudes and longitudes. one country can also have many time zones if its latitudes and longitudes are capable of creating the (MORE)

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Why are the time zones in the world?

  Because the Earth is a sphere and is rotating. If the place you live is facing the sun, so the sun appears to be at it's highest point, you could call that 12noon. But h (MORE)
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Why is there 24 different time zones?

  The sun shines differently on different parts of the world, because 6:00 PM is stereotipicallty night time different time zones are given so that when the sun has set in (MORE)

How many time zones are there in the world?

If you consider a time zone to be all of the areas throughout which  the time is one specific offset from Coordinated Universal Time  (UTC), the total number of offsets used (MORE)