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What is whyville? is a fun website for tweens and teens. i have a whyville and it is fun. my whyvilles name is lightppep he is so cool but anyway on whyville u can earn money get c ( Full Answer )
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How do you get sick on whyville?

"Getting sick" in Whyville is a phenomenon that many new, or even veteran members are curious about. Users who are sick with any WhyVirus or WhyFlu experience symptoms as clos ( Full Answer )
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How do you dance on Whyville?

say dancebop or dancewaltz or if you create your own dance then say it's name. But to stop say dancestop.
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How do you make faces on whyville?

, well in order to make faces parts you need to have an ffv. An ffv is something that gives you one chance to make a faces. You can find it in the chat rooms or you can buy th ( Full Answer )
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How do you get pearls on whyville?

You can purchase them by clicking the icon with three pearls on the top of the website. If you are not interested in purchasing them you can always try to earn them. You can b ( Full Answer )
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How do you get food tickets on whyville?

, well first you need to have whyeat. Something like that and they give you i think 2000 tickets free. So if you don't know where to go, you first have to go to your destionti ( Full Answer )
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How do you get free clams on whyville today?

You Can't Get Free Clams But Here's What I Do: Volunteer At The Critter Care You Get 15 Clams For Every 4 Animals. Earn Your Chat Licence For 50 Clams. Play Games. Hope Th ( Full Answer )
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How Do You Get A Job On Whyville?

you have to have a salary over 5. you can get a job at the style studio in the mall. I'm looking for other places.
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Why am i pale on whyville?

Avatar paleness on Whyville is usually because you are part of WhyEat AND you haven't been eating enough calories over the past 7 days (past 7 logins, actually.) The paleness ( Full Answer )
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How do you whisper on whyville?

you click on their avatar twice tell you get the blue box around them.Type something then and press enter,the color would be purple not blue then