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What is Wicked?

"Wicked" is a Broadway musical, based off of a book, it's about what happened before and during the events of the movie "The Wizard of Oz". It is about how a girl named Elphab (MORE)

What is wicked about?

wicked is about Elphaba's (the wicked witch of the west) life was before she was mean and ow she turned mean and who the characters really are

What is 'The Wicks'?

'The Wicks' is the name under which Barb Richardson and M.C. Selfridge perform . They draw upon blues, country, gospels, and rock for their inspiration. Richardson is the gui (MORE)
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Does the Wicked Witch have a name in 'Wicked'?

Yes. In the original book by author and Oz series originator Lyman Frank Baum [May 15, 1856-May 5, 1919], the Wicked Witches of the East and of the West remain nameless . Li (MORE)

Are you wicked?

Hey, I'm not wicked. You are, because you kill the glaciers and it's not nice.. You can swim to work now. Become Green! I know where you live and I will hurt you if you keep k (MORE)
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What does wick mean as in hackney wick?

"Village" or "neighbourhood". It's very common in place names in some form or other - Gatwick, Ipswich, York, Aldwych, etc. It derives from the Latin "vicus", which was a subd (MORE)
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Who is thought to be wicked in the book 'Wicked'?

Elphaba Thropp is thought to be wicked in the book "Wicked" by Gregory Maguire (b. June 9, 1954). Specifically, Elphaba is born with green skin and is not her mother's fav (MORE)
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How do you get into 'Wicked'?

Singing, dancing and acting talent are what is needed to become part of the cast of the musical "Wicked." Specifically, there are roles for those who seek main character i (MORE)