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What is Wicked?

"Wicked" is a Broadway musical, based off of a book, it's about what happened before and during the events of the movie "The Wizard of Oz". It is about how a girl named Elphab (MORE)

What is a wicked googly?

A googly is a kind of pitch similar to a baseball pitch or a bowling throw in the game Cricket, a wicked one would be a really good one.
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Is Wicked on DVD?

sadly, no. We would love to see that. However I have recently read in the newspaper it's being considered.
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What is the wick of a candle?

Of all the components that help make a candle work, the most important is the wick of the candle!! it is the most important part because the size and type of wick are rated to (MORE)
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What is is the musical Wicked about?

Wicked is like a prequel to the Wizard of Oz. The protagonist is Elphaba, who later becomes the Wicked Witch of the West. Growing up green, Elphaba is an outcast, a humiliatio (MORE)

What is the opposite of wicked?

The opposite of wicked (evil) would be good, benevolent, virtuous, or honorable. (As with the slang use of bad to mean good, wicked can also mean expert, adept, or able. Oppos (MORE)

Are you wicked?

Hey, I'm not wicked. You are, because you kill the glaciers and it's not nice.. You can swim to work now. Become Green! I know where you live and I will hurt you if you keep k (MORE)

Who starred in wicked?

The original cast of 'Wicked: The Musical' on Broadway was: Elphaba: Idina Menzel Glinda: Kristin Chenoweth Fiyero: Norbert Leo Butz Nessarose: Michelle Federer Boq: Christoph (MORE)