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Why does Australia have a wide range of climates?

Essentially, because it covers such a large latitudinal range, from the tropics to temperate zones. Also, it has a large area and little topography until one gets to the east (MORE)

Has a wide range in temperature on its surface?

This could either be the planet Mercury, or the moon. They are similar in terms of surface conditions, neither has an atmosphere at the surface to speak of, meaning that tempe (MORE)
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Why is there a wide range of phenotypes in polygenic inheritance?

"polygenic inheritance"- the inheritance of quantitative traits, traits which are influenced by multiple genes. Polygenic inheritance shows how multiple genes in combination w (MORE)

Why is there such a wide range of SPF?

There are number of cosmetics products for removing suntan . SPF is the sun protecting factor more the SPF value more effective is the cream. Generally sun protecting factor v (MORE)

Why does Chicago have a wide range of temperatures?

Because Chicago is a city. Traditionally, where Chicago is located is a very cold and rainy place. However, when it warms up in the summer, the heat gets trapped under a blank (MORE)
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How wide is the range at LCS Digital Media?

The range of LCS Digital Media is infinite. It can be used in the United States, then in China, then in Europe, then back again to the United States. It can be used by as ma (MORE)