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What is the population for Wigan?

A count of the population of the 'town of Wigan' is not available. However, differing population figures are available which cover larger areas, 'including' Wigan. The po (MORE)

What is wigan athletic?

Wigan Athletic are a Premier League football team, and are, at times, good footballers. However, sloppy play and bad defending has left them in the relegation zone.
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What are the best schools in wigan?

Primary schools: wood fold primary (in standish) st. Wilfreds (standish also) wood field (wigan) shevington vale (shevington) Seconday/ High schools Standish community high s (MORE)
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Is Wigan a noun?

Yes, the word Wigan is a noun, a proper noun , the name of a town in Greater Manchester, UK. The word wigan is also a common noun , a word for a canvas like cotton fabric (MORE)