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How do you spell Wiki?

Depending on the use, it is normally wiki, from the Hawaiian wiki wiki, meaning quick. The capitalized form should only be used informally when referring to projects such as (MORE)

How do you pronounce 'wiki'?

The etymology of wiki or wikiwiki for emphasis is originally a Hawai'ian word and it is correctly pronounced 'vee-kee'. It literally means to hurry or hasten, but over the yea (MORE)

What is the meaning of 'wiki-wiki'?

What's 'Wiki-Wiki'?   According to Ward Cunningham, the developer of the first Wiki website:   "Wiki wiki is the first Hawai'ian term I learned on my first visit to t (MORE)

What is a wiki?

A "wiki" is a website that allows people who use the website to edit it (or specific portions, like the answers to questions such as this website allows). It allows users to c (MORE)

What song has 'wiki wiki wiki' in its chorus?

"Jam On It" (1984) by Newcleus. (On most versions, the lyrics are spelled "wikki".) (may be available on YouTube) There is a techno-like song called 'Kalemba' by 'Buraka S (MORE)

What does wiki stand for?

"Wiki" is the Hawaiian word for "fast". Some people now say it stands for "what I Know Is..." but it doesn't, really.
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What is the purpose of a wiki?

The purpose of Wiki is to help people understand things he or she knows nothing about. Users ask question while other users answer them to the best of their knowledge. The mai (MORE)

What does wiki mean?

"Wiki-wiki" is Hawaiian for "Hurry." Wiki can also stand for:   * What  * I  * Know  * Is   "Wiki" is Hawaiian for "Quick"   Wiki-wiki is the Hawaiian word for (MORE)

Who is Wiki?

A bunch of people who come together and made a website for people who need help with answers.
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Is there a wiki dictionary?

Yes there is a wiki dictionary. It is called Wiktionary (see link below.)
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