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What song has 'wiki wiki wiki' in its chorus?

"Jam On It" (1984) by Newcleus. (On most versions, the lyrics are spelled "wikki".) (may be available on YouTube) There is a techno-like song called 'Kalemba' by 'Buraka (MORE)

What is a wiki?

A "wiki" is a website that allows people who use the website to edit it (or specific portions, like the answers to questions such as this website allows). It allows users to c (MORE)

Where is the wikis?

in the basement of beyoncehouse she keeps them in there to make her food she dont call them wikis she calls them slaves. in the basement of beyoncehouse she keeps them in the (MORE)

How do you get a wiki?

Click the Start a wiki button on the top of any Wikia page (in the toolbar, next to the Wikia logo). Then, fill out the name, URL, and a few other things and your wiki will (MORE)

Why did you wiki?

I wiki because I am a Wikianswers addict! I love answering questions, helping people out, making people laugh, and completing missions that are assigned to me as an SPA!
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How do you get to wiki?

You can get to almost any Wiki by simply searching for the particular Wiki using one of many Internet search engines. You might also use your browser and simply type the title (MORE)

What can you get from a wiki?

Wiki consists of all information that an individual user online can use for his or her own research. Wiki can also become a source to different discussions and topics internat (MORE)