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How far is it from Ocala fl to winter park fl?

80 miles taking this route: Take I-75 SOUTH from Ocala to Florida's TURNPIKE (toll) SOUTH to ORLANDO at EXIT 328.Take the TURNPIKE SOUTH to FL-408 TOLL EAST to ORLANDO and TI (MORE)

How far from Orlando to winter haven?

40 miles taking this route: Take I-4 WEST (towards TAMPA), from Orlando, to CR-557 to WINTER HAVEN at EXIT 48; turn right off the exit ramp to CR-557 SOUTH to WINTER HAVEN.Ta (MORE)

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A "wiki" is a website that allows people who use the website to edit it (or specific portions, like the answers to questions such as this website allows). It allows users to c (MORE)

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What is closest airport to winter haven Florida?

Winter Haven's Gilbert Airport (IATA: GIF, ICAO: KGIF) is  the closest airport, located approximately 2 miles (3.22 km)  Northwest of Winter Haven.
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