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What is the fastest wild cat on earth?

Cheetahs are the fastest wild cat in the world, and also the fastest of all land animals too. They can run at about 70 mph, but only for about 200-300 yards (274 meters). Thei (MORE)

Are wild cats carnivores or omnivores?

ALL cats are carnivores. Cats are called obligate carnivores which means they must eat meat to survive, as meat and other aspects of prey (such as organs and bone) supply all (MORE)

What adaptations do African wild cats have?

African wild cats have to be able to adapt to their harsh  environment. These adaptations include retractable claws,  heightened senses of smell, hearing and vision, and a d (MORE)

Do wild turkeys attack cats?

Wild turkeys may occasionally attack cats. This is usually only if  the turkey feels threatened by the cat that it attacks.
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How do cats survive in the wild?

  If you're asking about feral cats, they survive by scavenging. If you're talking about big cats like lions or mountain lions, they hunt down their prey. Feral cats proba (MORE)

Are there more wild cats then pet cats?

Yes wild cats are more common.
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Is a wild cat called a pharaoh cat?

No; they're referred to as ferals, though that is pronounced almost the same way. Feral means a once domesticated animal that has returned to the wild state.
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Are there big cats wild in the troodos?

  Answer   No, there are no native wildcats on Cyprus of any kind - large or small. Because it is doubtful if the island ever had any land bridges to Asia Minor or S (MORE)

Wild cats starting with d?

There is no wild cat which name starts with the letter D. But there is a cat who is not wild that's name starts with D. That is the domestic cat. They are the cats that people (MORE)