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Does marijuana grow wildly in New Jersey?

Marijuana is not a indigenous plant to New Jersey. I live in New Jersey and have found plenty of plants growing in the woods. If you were to throw seeds down and they grew and (MORE)

Another word for wildly excited?

aroused, stimulated , inflamed , agitated , eager , enthusiastic , agog , annoyed, seething, wrought up , frantic , flushed, overwrought , wound up, restless , feve (MORE)

Do Guinea Pigs live wildly in NY?

No, this is not a place where they are wild. These animals are warm weather animals and like the warmer climates. They come from places like Brazil.
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Is marcel wildly dating?

Marcel is daten me! Brianna Lopez. we may life in different states but we are makin it work.. its on breezii lopez

Where in France is Mardi Gras wildly celebrated?

Mardi Gras is mostly celebrated in Nice, France. They march a fat ox through Paris to remind the people to not eatmeat and fatty foods during Lent.
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What part of speech is wildly?

"Wildly" is an adverb . . . it modifies a verb (action word). "He was running around the yard wildly". 'Wildy' modifies the verb, 'running'.
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What does it mean if you sleep wildly?

It means you shift side to side and you don't stay still and you might sleep right side up then end up backwards and ur feet on your pillow and might be sleeping right side up (MORE)

How do you say wildly in Spanish?

Translation: salvajemente (if it means "in an uncontrollable way",i.e. He is running around wildly.) // extremadamente (if it means"extremely", i.e. Your information is wildly (MORE)