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What is the comparative of wildly?

The word root is wild. "Wilder" is what might seem like the comparative, but this word is not used as the comparative of wild (instead, it has a different meaning). The proper (MORE)
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What part of speech is wildly?

"Wildly" is an adverb . . . it modifies a verb (action word). "He was running around the yard wildly". 'Wildy' modifies the verb, 'running'.
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Why does service light come on and rpm's of engine fluctuate wildly and sometime stalls. erg valve replaced when purchasedaround 20000 miles ago.can it be cleaned or disconnected have northstar eng?

It sounds like the ENGINE MANAGEMENT has a problem which is a computer which controls the engine timing and particulary the idle(tick over)speed. What you have to do is take i (MORE)