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Was kaiser Wilhelm a good leader?

The Kaiser was a rather able leader in his own way. He further empowered the German Empire, turning it into one of the most powerful and important countries in the world, and (MORE)

Is ''frick'' a word?

Yes it is and its NOT a bad word!!! Henry Clay Frick, American industrialist and philanthropist 1849-1919. Frick and Frack were professional ice skaters from Switzerland who p (MORE)

Is frick a swear word?

Keeping in mind that all 'swear words' are just words that are used as either adjectives or exclamations. This means that, if used in the right way, any word could become a so (MORE)

Is fricking a swear word?

It is in the sense that people use it to swear with when they don't want to use the word that sounds very like it. Any word used to swear with is a swear word. It doesn't have (MORE)

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