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Who is queen wilhelmina?

She was the Queen Regent of the Kingdom of the Netherlands from 23November 1890 to her abdication on 4 September 1948 from which herdaughter Juliana took over
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Who is Christina Wilhelmina?

  Wilhelmina (l880-l962) was Queen of the Netherlands, in exile during WW2, but Queen up until she stepped down in l948 in favor of her daughter Juliana. as far as is know (MORE)

Is wilhelmina evolution agency a scam?

There have been many complaints. What's happening is going on all over the nation. An "agency" tells you that you or your kid has what it takes, and that if you sign up with t (MORE)

What are opinions on Wilhelmina Model Agency?

  It is a bona fide part of the Wilhelmina Modeling agency. Make sure you are always dealing with the official Wilhelmina of PA website at all times, since there are many (MORE)
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Is queen wilhelmina a ghost?

Queen Wilhelmina lived between l880-l962 as the Queen of the Netherlands. She abdicated in l948- in favor of her daughter, Juliana. As she is a deceased person, she may well b (MORE)
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What is queen beatrix wilhelmina famous for?

Beatrix and Wilhelmina are two separate Queens. Beatrix is the current monarch of the Netherlands- the House of Orange. She is the daughter of now deceased Queen Juliana, who (MORE)