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How was John Wilkes Booth killed?

Booth and a co-conspirator named David Herold, were found in the barn of a farmer named Garrett in Virginia by the 16th New York Cavalry. When the commander of the unit ordere (MORE)

How did John Wilkes Booth die?

John Wilkes Booth, had escaped Washington DC, after murderingPresident Lincoln. He was at large at bay for almost 12 days beforehe and his co-conspirator, David Herold, were f (MORE)

Why was John Wilkes Booth killed?

It was against the Army's orders, but Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton chose not to prosecute Sergeant Thomas "Boston" Corbett.
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What was John Wilkes booth's weight?

John Wilkes Booth was 5' 8" tall, and of athletic build. Judging by his portrait and descriptions of him I would guess his weight to be in the neighborhood of 150 pounds.
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How did john Wilkes booth die and when?

Booth was shot dead in a firefight with Union cavalry troops in a barn in the Virginia countryside on 26th April 1865, after having been on the run for 10 days. The troops had (MORE)

What nationality is the name McHugh?

McHugh is both Scottish and Irish and is derived from the surname 'McCoy'. It's a form of the Gaelic 'Mac Aodha' meaning 'son of Aodh'. Aodh is an ancient personal name mea (MORE)

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