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What is back combing?

Another word for backcombing is teasing, you take a comb or a brush and and brush or comb the hair towards your scalp. That adds volume to the hair to make it stand up such as (MORE)

What is a greyhound comb?

It appears that a "greyhound comb" is a type of dog grooming comb which is about 7-7.5in straight comb, and has teeth set at two distances. I would call one set of teeth 'fine (MORE)

What does the comb of a chicken do?

The comb of a chicken serves a dual purpose. For one thing it helps roosters attract mates. The redder the comb of the rooster is, the healthier he is. Secondly, it acts as a (MORE)
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Can you hot comb weave?

It is very possible to hot comb weave but only if you have weave that is of a higher grade. If it isn't you could end up frying off pieces and end up with inches left in the h (MORE)

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What is comb hammer used for?

A Comb hammer (also called a Scutch hammer) is used to shape rough stones when building a dry stone wall or a masonry wall. It is similar is design to a to a rock pick/hammer (MORE)

What is a curry comb used for?

There are three different types of curry combs. Rubber curry comb- Can be used to loosen mud from the coat or to 'strap'- a grooming action that boosts muscles and circulatio (MORE)

What does combative mean?

It is important to be informed of the definition of word. Combative  is an adjective meaning eager or ready to fight.
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What is combative behavior?

any physically aggressive act that causes or intends to cause hurt or damage to a person or object.
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