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What is a crookes tube?

crooks tube is the tube used by William crooks in his cathode ray has a low pressure inside and it contains an anode and a cathode in each ends.the anode and the (MORE)

Are you a straight or crooked?

A question in which it will always get the same answer, no matter who you ask it of. If a person is straight, they'll say straight. And if a person is crooked, they'll say str (MORE)

What is a sentence for crooked?

Crooked:    adjective:   a. bent, curved, or twisting.   b. dishonest or devious.    Example sentences:   1a. When I was younger I had crooked teeth, (MORE)

Who is Roy Crooks?

Roy Crooks (Fort Worth resident) earned his living by being a  manufacture representative for 10 years covering the whole state of  Texas. Products such as: Envelopes for pr (MORE)

What did sir William crookes do?

Sir William Crookes was a British chemist who contributed to the  knowledge of chemistry. One thing he did was discover an element  that had a bright green emission line in (MORE)
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What was William Crookes famous for?

Nationality English Gender Male Occupation physicist . Proficient in the fields of chemistry and physics, Crookes is best remembered for his invention of the Crookes tub (MORE)
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Why does a pope have a crook?

The crozier is a sign that the bishop is a shepherd who guides his flock (people) gently. Popes, however, have never carried a crozier but carry ferula which is a staff topped (MORE)