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Is DeVry a good college?

Devry has the appropriate regional accreditation. Therefore, the coursework and degree you complete at Devry will be recognized by all other colleges and universities as well (MORE)

What is the national ranking for Devry University?

DeVry University is a 'for-profit' institution, meaning they were established to make money rather than educate the public like most colleges. A degree from a 'for-profit' ins (MORE)
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What is the mascot of deVry University?

DeVry University does not have a mascot. Their logo is a blue,  yellow, black, and red sign. DeVry University has locations all  over the country, and is also available for (MORE)

How good is Devry MBA?

  The MBA at Devry is fine. The school has the appropriate regional accreditation, so the course work and degrees are recognized by all other colleges and universities as (MORE)

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