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What role did William dawes and dr prescott play in the midnight ride?

They were messengers that met up with Paul Revere in the later part of his ride. They escaped when Revere was captured by the British on the night of the Midnight Ride. They h (MORE)
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Who is William H Macy wife?

His first wife was Carla Santos (aka Carla Santos Shamberg, producer with her husband Michael Shamberg of Erin Brockovich), whom he met in Chicago in the 70's, during his year (MORE)

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How Did William H Seward die?

Willahm H. Seward, died of old age and of his wounds from his assasination attempt of 81'
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What is better the you phone 5c or 5s?

the 5s because it has better service but it dosent have diffrent  colrs just silver gold and black
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What did Paul Revere William Dawes and Samuel Prescott do?

Listen, my children, and you shall hear. Of the midnight ride  of Paul Revere, and William Dawes and Samuel Prescott. The  three men rode to warn the revolutionaries at Lexi (MORE)
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Who is Dak Prescott?

Rayne Dakota "Dak" Prescott is the starting quarterback for theDallas Cowboys. The Louisiana native and Mississippi State productwas selected in the fourth round of the 2016 N (MORE)