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What made William Henry Harrison important?

William Henry harrison defeated the Indian Chief Tecumseh at the Battle of Tippecanoe.Harrison was the son of Benjamin Harrison, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. H (MORE)

Who succeeded William Henry Harrison?

John Tyler succeeded William Henry Harrison. Tyler as was  President William Henry Harrison was a member of the Whig Party.    This was the first time a president had (MORE)

How many children did did William Henry Harrison have?

William Henry Harrison was the ninth president of the United States  and the first to die in office. He had ten children: Elizabeth  Bassett, John Cleves Symmes, Lucy Single (MORE)

What did William Henry Harrison do in the War of 1812?

When the war began, Harrison was commissioned as general in the  Kentucky militia. He soon was made a major general in the US army.  His army eventually retook Detroit, then (MORE)

What was William Henry Harrison famous for?

William Henry Harrison is probably best known for having served the least time as president. He died one month after his inauguration.
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What did Sir William Henry Bragg discover?

He, along with his son, William Lawrence Bragg, are credited with the discovery of the process of x-ray examination of crystalline structures. Together, in 1915, they received (MORE)
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What does the poem leisure by William Henry davies?

  The poet expresses his morn towards busy schedule which has forced/ prevented him from enjoying the nature and life. He does have time to enjoy on nature's beauty, this (MORE)

Who were William Henry Harrison's children?

William Henry Harrison, the ninth President of the United States  between March 4 and April 4, 1841, had ten children with his wife,  Anna.   Their names, birth dates an (MORE)

What is some information about William Henry Harrison?

President: William Henry Harrison (1773 - 1841) Term: March 4 - April 4, 1841 Background: Harrison was born in Charles City County Virginia to a wealthy political family on (MORE)