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Who succeeded William Henry Harrison?

John Tyler succeeded William Henry Harrison. Tyler as was  President William Henry Harrison was a member of the Whig Party.    This was the first time a president had (MORE)

How did William Henry Harrison die?

Pneumonia. He gave his inaugural address in snow and freezing rain  without proper clothing. He caught a severe cold that quickly  developed into fatal pneumonia, and becaus (MORE)

Who was William Henry Harrison's mother?

William Henry Harrison's mother was Elizabeth Bassett Harrison (b  Dec. 13, 1730 Eltham New Kent County Virginia- d. 1792 Berkeley  Estate at Charles City County, Virginia. (MORE)

What is William Henry Harrison's inaugural address about?

It is about 2 hours long. It delves into Roman history, even the balance of power in ancient Greece, and lays out the Wig Party doctrine in painful detail. It turns out the vo (MORE)

What was William Henry Harrison famous for?

William Henry Harrison is probably best known for having served the least time as president. He died one month after his inauguration.
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Where did William Henry Harrison go to college?

After home schooling at Berkely plantation he entered  Hampden-Sydney College in Prince Edward County, VA at the  age of 14 for pre-med instruction and attended until 1790, (MORE)

Who were William Henry Harrison's children?

William Henry Harrison, the ninth President of the United States  between March 4 and April 4, 1841, had ten children with his wife,  Anna.   Their names, birth dates an (MORE)

When did William shakespeare write Henry VIII?

Henry VIII was one of the last plays Shakespeare wrote, very possibly in collaboration with John Fletcher. It was written around 1612 or 1613, certainly not later. It is most (MORE)