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Is Tyler James Williams cute?

HE IS SO SEXILICOUS! i lovce him he is so handsome/adorable/hot i wanna marry him at first on everybody hates chris well i thought well there is hoter guys but on the video Gu (MORE)

What is Tyler James Williams' email address?

Well since he is my brother here it is so if you don't want it its OK i understand got a problem go to martin. come talk to me i'm not going to (MORE)

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Is tyler James Williams a real rapper?

Yes, he originally writes his own songs and he rapped in the hit movie Let It Shine.
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Contribution of william james in psychology?

Harvard University was the first school in America to offer classes in psychology in the late 1870s. These classes were taught by one of Harvard's most illustrious instructors (MORE)
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What is better the you phone 5c or 5s?

the 5s because it has better service but it dosent have diffrent  colrs just silver gold and black
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What does Zachary Taylor William Henry Harrison James Garfield and James Madison have in common?

all scotch Irish ? of course all were US Presidents.   All but Madison held the rank of army general and died during their  first term in office. Madison and Taylor were (MORE)