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Who was William m pugatsky?

A professional concert violinist, played for the ClevelandOrchestra, was a child prodigy, played in vaudiville for famouspeople, played the music for Warner Bros. silent movie (MORE)

William h grier m d biography?

William H. Grier, M.D. is a psychiatrist, author, and academic who together with co-author Price Cobbs wrote "Black Rage" in 1968, one of the most important sources on life in (MORE)

What did William M Tweed do?

William M. Tweed was the Democratic boss that ran New York City. His most famous scandal came when New York City taxes were being raised to build a new court house. He had rai (MORE)

What job did William M Robinson do at Pony Express?

  William Robinson has hired as a Pony Express rider by Bolivar Roberts to ride the 140-mile route between Merced and Mariposa. One of his most famous rides involved carr (MORE)

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