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How tall was William Wallace?

  By most accounts, he was well over 6' feet tall, which for that time was very tall. Many reports by historians place him in the 6'7" plateau, while others claim it was l (MORE)

How long was William Wallace fighting?

Most likely, less then 2 years, and certainly no more than 8 or 9 years. Wallace's first recorded military action was in early 1297, at around the age of 25. He rapidly rose (MORE)

What influence did William Wallace have on society?

William Wallace even though he lost his last battle at fallkirk, in 1298, he influenced the Scottish culture and laws. He influenced patriotism, a unheard of action in the tim (MORE)

Was William Wallace of the Argyle clan?

There is no "Argyle Clan," so no. Argyll (Argyle) is the ancestral home of the Campbell Clan. The Argyll's were a historically powerful family within the Campbell Clan, but ar (MORE)

Where was William Wallace educated?

that is unknown, there are no historical records of William Wallace before 1297 AD when he killed the Sherrif of Lanark. At least none that still exist today. There are many (MORE)

Did William Wallace have a child?

yes. Prince Eward II is William Wallace's child because he had an affair with Princess Isabella the french princess who was married to King Eward I. She had the child a few mo (MORE)

How tall was sir William Wallace?

Historical resources suggest William Wallace was well over 6ft tall. This idea is supported by the existence of the Wallace Sword, a two-handed, broadsword believed to have be (MORE)

Is William Wallace Scottish or Irish?

William Wallace was actually of Welsh stock, and settled in  Scotland. 'Wallace' even meant speaker of Welsh, which could either  relate to Welsh as spoken in Wales, or Cumb (MORE)

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