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What jobs did William Shakespeare have?

He was an actor. He performed in plays for over twenty years. He was a businessman. He had an interest in two theatres and the theatre company he belonged to. He invested in l (MORE)

Who is John Shakespeare to William Shakespeare?

John Shakespeare (c. 1531 - September 1601) was the father of William Shakespeare. He was a glover. John Shakespeare was a successful and well connected man during the early p (MORE)

Who William Shakespeare wrote poems for?

His poems (Sonnets) indicate that out of his 154 sonnets approx. (maybe more) some were directed to either his mistress or his lover The Earl Of Southampton. His long poe (MORE)

What did William Shakespeare do?

William Shakespeare was a poet, actor and a playwright.    He also invented many of the words and phrases that we use today.  Born ahead if his time, he was never a mer (MORE)

What did William Shakespeare change his name to?

William Shakespeare did not change his name. His acting company did, however, change its name. His Theatre Company was originally called "The Lord Chamberlain's Men" after t (MORE)

When was William Shakespeare born?

The exact day is not certain, but his baptism was on Wednesday,  April 26, 1564. He certainly would have been born a few days to a  week before that, and April 23 (St. Georg (MORE)

What did William Shakespeare do after his son died?

Shakespeare does not seem to have behaved in any way differently after 1596 from the way he behaved before 1596. The death of his son did not seem to affect his behaviour in a (MORE)

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