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William Tecumseh sherman Why middle name Tecumseh?

In General William Tecumseh Sherman's own words (from his 1875  Memoirs), " ... Hardly was [my] family established there  when the War of 1812 caused great alarm and distres (MORE)

Why did William Tecumseh Sherman die?

General William Tecumseh Sherman died in New York City on February 14, 1891, but the cause of death was not announced by his family.   The William T Sherman family papers h (MORE)

Was William Tecumseh Sherman Crazy?

No, but during 1861-62 there were a series of newspaper articles stating that General Sherman was "crazy" and "insane". Sherman disliked newpaper reporters, considered them to (MORE)

Who is William Tecumseh Sherman?

One of the most interesting figures of the American Civil War, sometimes credited as the first modern General. At the outbreak of the war, he suffered from a big disadvantage (MORE)

Why was William Tecumseh Sherman a Union general?

Most West Point graduate officers from northern states, including William Tecumseh Sherman, felt a primary loyalty to the federal government rather than to their home states. (MORE)

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Why did William Tecumseh Sherman invade Georgia?

Sherman invaded Georgia, with the "March to the Sea" campaign in order to end the war. He, as well as him men and the Union (U.S.A), were sick of the war and knew that the Sou (MORE)