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Who was Willy McBride?

The soldier "Willie McBride" is referenced in the 1976 Eric Bogle  song "No Man's Land."   The records show there were 10 W. McBrides who died during World  War 1, but t (MORE)
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Who is willie ramos?

Willie Ramos is a former gang member who was converted and became a Christian, known as the "Ghetto Preacher". He was a former actor and cartoonist and shares his talents toda (MORE)

What is a local politician?

A local politician is one that works in and near your community. Whether it is your mayor-council, council-manager, the commission or perhaps the House of Representatives for (MORE)

Who are the politicians?

Politician is a Person who works for the welfare of the People and its land. He is a selfless Person having no Selfish motives. He is a Gem of a Person, a Leader who leads by (MORE)
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Who is Silly Willy?

  Silly Willy was a Northamptonshire based clown and circus acts performer. At one point he was hired by the BBC to goto the Middle East for a televised performance.

What is a brown out?

A brown out is an intentional black out or reduction in electricity to a certain area. They are, or at least were, very common in southern China due to demand being higher tha (MORE)

What is the value of a 1963 autographed giants baseball signed by Willie Mays willie mccovey lindey mcdaniel ollie brown and Orlando cepeda?

1963 San Francisco Giants Team Signed Baseball . A 1963 San Francisco Giants Team Signed Baseball with the key signatures: Mays, McCovey, Cepeda , Marichal, Perry, and Lar (MORE)

What is the answer to 20c plus 5 equals 5c plus 65?

20c + 5 = 5c + 65 Divide through by 5: 4c + 1 = c + 13 Subtract c from both sides: 3c + 1 = 13 Subtract 1 from both sides: 3c = 12 Divide both sides by 3: c = 4
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