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Who is willis in Digimon?

Terriermon and Kokomon (can de-digivolve back to Lopmon) Kokomon had a virus and in the movie Kokomon wanted to tell Willis to defeat the virus, but the virus was hurting him (MORE)

In Australia to what does the term willy willy refer?

A willy willy is a small to medium sized dust-devil, or rotating  wind, which picks up debris and sand particles. It is not a  sandstorm; neither is it restricted to deserts (MORE)
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Who is Willy Loman?

Willy Loman is a character in the play Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller. He is a retired salesman and has trouble making ends meet. 
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What are poor conductors?

Poor conductors of electricity include plastics, woods and gases, in other words, anything that is not a metal. Poor conductors of heat include foam, air and some fabrics, s (MORE)
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Where is the Circle of Willis?

The Circle of Willis is located at the base of the brain. The term refers to a junction between the arteries that supply blood to the brain. It is formed at the end of the rig (MORE)

What makes poor countries poor?

I think what makes poor countries poor is that the inefficient use of the resources available , corruption also is a major reason , but i think the most important fact that wh (MORE)

Don't cheer boys the poor devils are dying?

"Don't cheer boys the poor devils are dying" Capt. John Woodward Philip Spanish American War One of the best quotes ever.
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