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What is a Wet Willie?

It is when a person spits on their finger and sticks it in another person's ear.
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What you talking about willis?

the person who said what you talking about willis was willis's brother off of different strokes
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What did willie stargell do?

He was a baseball player from 1962-1982 with the Pittsburgh pirates. he also won a world series championship in 1979 with his team the pirates. A.K.A,"the family".
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What is a willi wanka?

Willy Wonka is a fictional character in the 1964 Ronald Dahl novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the film adaptations that followed.
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Who is willie ramos?

Willie Ramos is a former gang member who was converted and became a Christian, known as the "Ghetto Preacher". He was a former actor and cartoonist and shares his talents toda (MORE)
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Why is willy wonka named willy?

Willy Wonka has the name Willie because it is short for William and in the movie and book he lived with his dad at a young age so that is what the dad called him !