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Who is rony diaz?

  Rony V. Diaz is an award-winning Filipino writer. He has won several Palanca Awards. He joined the paper in 2001 as executive director. He eventually became publisher an (MORE)

How do you cook rice a roni in a crock pot?

Many Rice a Roni products require that you cook them in a skillet  to brown them. This would not be possible in a crock pot. However,  if you still want to cook it in the cr (MORE)

Is roni a girl or boy name?

roni can be either a girl or boy name its mostly used for guys but if u want your little girl to be special there u go its also a named shortand from veronica
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What is the theme of the story centipede by rony vdiaz?

The theme is about the harshness of the sister, claiming and complaining about what Eddie does and has. The centipede, literally the insect, explains the sister and that it wa (MORE)

How do you pronounce roni in Hebrew?

RŌ-nee (almost the same as it's pronounced in English). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My name is Roni and i (MORE)

What is the answer to 20c plus 5 equals 5c plus 65?

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Why rony diaz title it a centipede?

Centipede was the title used by the author because it was the centipede that made his sister realized that what she did to him was wrong. Delia was really unkind to her brothe (MORE)