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What does WIMP stand for?

In human-computer interaction, WIMP stands for "window, icon, menu, pointing device", denoting a style of interaction using these elements. It was coined by Merzouga Wilberts ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of wimp?

A wimp is someone who is weak, easily manipulated, doesn't stand his ground when he is confronted.
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What are WIMPS?

In astrophysics [See Link], w eakly i nteracting m assive p articles, or WIMPs, are hypothetical particles serving as one possible solution to the dark matter problem. ( Full Answer )
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What are the advantages of WIMP?

The acronym WIMP stands for Windows, Icons, Menus and Pointing device. The invention of the WIMP interface is credited to Douglas Englebart and the Human Augmentation Project ( Full Answer )
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Are weapons for wimps?

no, weapons are not for wimps if you or your friend is in a fight and there is someone stronger fighting against you you cant defend yourself. WEAPONS ARE FOR DEFENCE. SO NEVE ( Full Answer )
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Are you a wimp if you turn down a ride?

From a stranger? Absolutely not! If they call you that, run. There is some reason they want you in their car.
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What is priscilla and the wimps about?

Priscilla and the wimps is about a girl who stood up from a leader of the gang called The Klutter's Kobras. Their leaders name is Monk. They make money by selling passes. You ( Full Answer )
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Who pantied the wimping woman?

Do you mean the Weeping Woman? That is a painting by Pablo Picasso. There are a few versions. One of them was stolen from the Melbourne Art Gallery but was later found.
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Why do dogs wimp?

Dogs wimp because they have been hurt or because they want attention. Make sure that it does not have any infected cuts or ingrown nails.
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Are girls wimps?

It depends if your a girl that likes to go awound in a dress andwear make up and texts alot on your phone and drive alot and has aboyfreind then yes your're a wimp if you don' ( Full Answer )