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How do you say wimp in Japanese?

弱虫 よわむし yowamushi 臆病者 おくびょうもの okubyoumono 腰抜け こしぬけ koshinuke 卑怯者 ひきょうもの hikyoumono yowamushi is the (MORE)
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Are you a wimp for having a cystoscopy under general anesthesia?

Not at all! For some people it can be very painful to have a cystoscopy without anesthesia because of certain bladder issues. Having a cystoscopy under anesthesia allows the d (MORE)

What is priscilla and the wimps about?

Priscilla and the wimps is about a girl who stood up from a leader of the gang called The Klutter's Kobras. Their leaders name is Monk. They make money by selling passes. You (MORE)