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How is wind formed?

Air moves from an area of high pressure to an area of lowpressure. When hot air rises, cooler air rushes in to fill thespace it leaves, thus making wind at the surface. Sea b (MORE)

What is Gone With the Wind?

It is an American Classic. The book was written in 1936 by Margaret Mitchell and became an Academy Award winner movie in 1939. Starring Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable. It still (MORE)

Do wind turbines have to face the wind?

Of course new generation wind turbine has to face wind.The concept of wind turbine is this that wind has kinetic energy, and this energy is converted by WTG by rotary blade in (MORE)

Are monsoon winds the strongest winds?

No. A monsoon has more to do with rain than with wind. A monsoon is  a seasonal weather pattern found in some tropical areas in which  most of the rainfall occurs in one sea (MORE)

What is winding ratio between primary winding and secondary winding?

2:1- this is a ratio If primary is 100 Seconardary would be 50 Divide both sides by the largest common number- 50 100:50 = 2:1 Refering to a winding it tells us its the number (MORE)
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Where is the Cape Wind wind farm?

Cape Wind wind farm is located offshore from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. They are developing many new windmills to put up in that area and are looking for a greener future for ou (MORE)