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Who invented wind farms?

The first wind farm was created in 1981 when John Eckland, of Fayette Manufacturing Corporation placed the first windmills on land leased from Joe Jess, Sr. on the Altamont Pa (MORE)

How do people feel about having a wind farm?

Wind farms provide clean renewable energy. So people who live a long distance from a wind farm probably feel good about using this source of energy. However, wind farms create (MORE)
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Why ae wind farms a good idea?

  Because they provide renwable green energy. That is, they will never run out of resources and they do not produce any biproducts that could damage us or the planet.

How do wind farms create power?

There is a turbine in the wind mill. When the wind turns the blades on the wind mill, the generator inside cranks backwards createing power. The way it does this is that it tu (MORE)

How many wind turbines are there in a wind farm?

The amount of wind turbines in a wind farm can vary from one farm to another. They can have as few as five or as many as 150 wind turbines. One of the largest wind farms is Al (MORE)

Where is the biggest wind farm?

Horse Hollow Wind Farm in Texas, USA is the wind farm with the highest energy output of 662 MWatts/hr. When completed, it is planned to produce over 1600 MWatts/hr. So far, t (MORE)

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Are wind farms worth building?

This remains a very heated debate among promoters of green technologies. Advantages: 1. Provides energy which is renewable. 2. Producing electricity doesn't let out carb (MORE)