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How do you wash a windbreaker?

I have a Fire Fly windbreaker and I just use Zero Colour Revive detergent, I had wash and put it on the line outside. DON'T USE BLEACH, DON'T WASH IN WASHER AND DON'T DRY IN D ( Full Answer )
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What is a windbreaker?

A win breaker is a fart because when you fart or release methane gas from your anus you are splitting the win in half see
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What is a windbreak?

a colourful stripey tarpaulin, with wooden posts sewn to it, that you stick upright in the sand at a beach. . it is used to stop the wind from making you cold, or blowing sa ( Full Answer )
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What is a windbreaker jacket?

A trademark used for a warm outer jacket having close-fitting, often elastic, cuffs and waistband.
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Is a windbreaker jacket water proof?

Yes, some windbreaker jackets are water proof. However, generally this will be stated on the jacket label, or you may purchase a water proof spray.
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Why do farmers plant trees in windbreaks?

Yes, they sometimes do because windbreaks stop wind from blowing over their crops and things like that. Sent from my iPad XD
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Why are trees known as windbreaks?

Trees are planted to be windbreaks. They slow and stop the wind to protect crops, fields, and homes.
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How is a windbreaker different from a jacket?

Despite their similarities in appearance and function, there are a couple key differences between the two. Generally, windbreakers are thin and made of nylon. Jackets, rather, ( Full Answer )
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Where online can one purchase windbreakers?

One can purchase windbreakers online from many different sources. Overstock is a good option. Other popular suggestions are MyCustomJackets, Target and Amazon.
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How much does a good windbreaker cost?

If one is looking for a mens windbreaker then a good one would be Polo Ralph For $129. If one is looking for a good woman's windbreaker then Cabela's Classic Windbreaker would ( Full Answer )