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How did the Windsor castle catch on fire?

William the Conqueror first built the artificial hill and the wooden structure of the castle between 1070 and 1086. A paint restorer was working on the current restoration tak (MORE)
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How many rooms are in Windsor Castle?

Windsor Castle has undergone centuries of alterations but currently contains around 1,000 rooms and covers 13 acres of land. It is the largest and oldest occupied castle in th (MORE)
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Does windsor castle have a ditch?

Windsor Castle did have a ditch (moat) up until Charles II had it filled in in the 1700s.   The moat was never filled with water though, as the castle is built upon chal (MORE)
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What ghosts haunts the Windsor castle?

Quite alot of ghost have been seen loitering round the castle. Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn have been seen... Not together ofcourse. Elizabeth I has been seen in the library. Ch (MORE)
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When was the great fire of windsor castle?

Windsor Castle, in Windsor in the English county of Berkshire. Windsor Castle is a Royal Palace and a symbol of the British Nation. The fire began in The Queen's Private Chape (MORE)
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How old is windsor castle?

The earliest castle at the site of Windsor Castle was built in 1070. The oldest building still there was built in 1154. So you might say it is 940, or 856, or just say about 9 (MORE)
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Why is windsor castle built of stone?

Windsor castle was built out of stone because wood burns and metal in exxpensive. The best material to build a castle out of would be stone.
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