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How did the Windsor castle catch on fire?

William the Conqueror first built the artificial hill and the wooden structure of the castle between 1070 and 1086. A paint restorer was working on the current restoration tak (MORE)

Is there a current duke of windsor?

No, there is not, the Peerage the Duke of Windsor was created in 1937 by King George VI for his Brother the former King Edward VIII, who from 1937 was His Royal Highness, The (MORE)
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How many rooms are in Windsor Castle?

Windsor Castle has undergone centuries of alterations but currently contains around 1,000 rooms and covers 13 acres of land. It is the largest and oldest occupied castle in th (MORE)
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Does windsor castle have a ditch?

Windsor Castle did have a ditch (moat) up until Charles II had it filled in in the 1700s.   The moat was never filled with water though, as the castle is built upon chal (MORE)
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When was the great fire of windsor castle?

Windsor Castle, in Windsor in the English county of Berkshire. Windsor Castle is a Royal Palace and a symbol of the British Nation. The fire began in The Queen's Private Chape (MORE)

What is penni walli?

Shock I was under the impression is was a misspelling of 'peeni walli', which is a firefly found in Jamaica. this makes sense in the context of the Eek-A-Mouse song: "When the (MORE)

What happened to the duchess of windsor after the duke of windsor passed away?

The wife of a Duke remains a Duchess for the rest of her life Thus, in the case of Wallace Warfield, she was "Her Highness, the Duchess of Windsor"once she married Edward (t (MORE)
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Who is Barbara Windsor?

Barbara Windsor is a legend of television starring in Carry On films and playing Peggy Mitchell in Eastenders.
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Where is wally in land of wallies in fantastic journey?

It depends what version you have. I have the 1989 version and if you look at the giant, you'll see a Wally on the shoulders of another Wally. Look down from that, and the Wall (MORE)