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Did Paul Warfield Tibbets regret his actions?

He most likely regretted his actions, one; because his wife was waaaay hotter than his mistress, and two; because his mistress later stole his inheritance.

What is penni walli?

Shock I was under the impression is was a misspelling of 'peeni walli', which is a firefly found in Jamaica. this makes sense in the context of the Eek-A-Mouse song: "When the (MORE)

How do you get from Detroit to windsor?

to get to Windsor from Detroit you have many options. 1. You can take a tunnel bus over to Detroit that brings you to joe Louis etc... if it is not for an event there are ac (MORE)
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Who is Barbara Windsor?

Barbara Windsor is a legend of television starring in Carry On films and playing Peggy Mitchell in Eastenders.
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Where is wally in land of wallies in fantastic journey?

It depends what version you have. I have the 1989 version and if you look at the giant, you'll see a Wally on the shoulders of another Wally. Look down from that, and the Wall (MORE)

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Where is Wally?

He is anywhere and everywhere O_o ... You can't find him either?! Ughh. Well played, Wally. Well played. -_-
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Where is Windsor Castle?

  Windsor, Berkshire   Windsor Castle is located in Berkshire (pronounced Barksheer) England, United Kingdom.
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What is Windsor Art?

Windsor Art from another question I found posted on was answered as art done by individuals from inner cities. The name Windsor is a royal name from Great Britain. (MORE)