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What is wine?

Wine is fermented grape juice. Add yeast to grape juice and the yeast ferments the natural sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

Is red wine a french wine?

There are literally hundreds of different varietals of red grapes that are grown all over the world. France is best known for their cabernet sauvignons (from Bordeaux) and pin (MORE)

What kind of wine is muscadine wine?

A muscadine wine is usually sweet because many producers add extra sugar. This is a tradition implemented by the vintners. Dry muscadines can also be found. Muscadines are g (MORE)

What is a vintage wine and a nonvintage wine?

Vintage is the term used to refer to the year in which the grapes were grown. In the United States wineries are allowed to blend in some wine from other years. However, 85% of (MORE)

Why do we have wine?

Wine is a drink best served with food. We have wine because we sometimes want to enhance a sense or diminish another. There are so many types of wines, sweet, dry, fortified (MORE)