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Is 'Nineteenth Century' supposed to be capitalized?

Answer   No, according to modern style guides. The Chicago Manual of Style (7.63) states that:   A numerical designation of a period is lowercased unless it is part of (MORE)

How did people brush their teeth in the nineteenth century?

In the early 19th century, people brushed their teeth using rough pieces of meat (most notably beef) which was often available at butchers. The meat was hard enough not to fal (MORE)

What were the achievements and limitations of nineteenth century feminism?

Some achievements of feminism during the 19th century were educational opportunities, freedom from the household drudgery, and awareness that women were people too, and had a (MORE)

What were nineteenth century torture devices?

Unless one counts the then novel execution device- the Electric Chair ( gas chambers did not come into use until AFTER 1900) They were not used. Much was made of reform of jud (MORE)

Where did poor live in nineteenth century cities?

In the 19th century, many of the poor lived in residential  institutions called poorhouses. These were places that people could  go to if they had no way to support themselv (MORE)

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Was there class movement in nineteenth century?

I believe that liberalism, socialism, and modernism aren't the  causes, but nationalism and conservatism, were both the antagonist  movements in the nineteenth-century. Nati (MORE)