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Who is George winfield?

George Winfield founded the Winfield Hotel in Goldfield Nevada. He was married ro a toung woman named Elizabeth, whom he killed along with her 2 week old baby who he found out (MORE)

What teams did Dave Winfield play for?

  In college, Dave Winfield played for the University of Minnesota's Golden Gophers. In the college off season, he also played for the Alaska Goldpanners in 1971 & 1972. (MORE)

Winfield Scott faced bitter resistance from the mexican army where?

Winfield Scott faced bitter resistance from the Mexican Army at  Chapultepec, on the edge of Mexico City. General Scott stormed the  fortress on September, 13, 1847, winning (MORE)

What is a quote of Winfield Scott?

A quote from General Winfield Scott -- General Winfield Scott, after the Mexican War, made the following statement. It is called Scott's fixed opinion and is a required memori (MORE)

Who is Winfield Scott?

Winfield Scott is arguably the greatest general America ever produced. He first came to command American force in the War of 1812 and finished his military career when he was (MORE)

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What was Winfield Scott's nickname?

Old Fuss and Feathers. This related to his somewhat excessive devotion to ceremonial. He was, however, a highly respected General, and one of the few senior men who realised t (MORE)

What is the significance of Winfield Scott?

He served in the US Army for 47 years. But even more so... he served in 5 different wars while serving his country. ~the Mexican-American war ~the Black Hawk war ~the (MORE)

General Winfield Scott's strategy for winning the war with Mexico?

Sieze occupy and defend Veracruz, advance on Mexico City and the war is ended. 2nd answer: Well, maybe not quite that easy, but yes. Winfield's tactics were to very carefully (MORE)

What was general Winfield Scotts strategy for winning the war with mexico?

Winfield's 'game plan' was to very carefully scout out the locations of Santa Ana's forces, then trying to aneak his army around them, and attacking from the rear. A certain C (MORE)
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