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What does the wing do?

The wing mostly is the good shooter on the team, i.e. Peja Stojakovic and Francisco Garcia. They will literally be on the left or right wing and occasionally drive to the bask (MORE)
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What is the wing?

peise of wood that have magic pawer(it is a lion wing) . the wing is magic lion and people bolive that it is from a angel

What is wings?

A novel by Arilynne Pike. It is about a young girl of fifteen, named Laurel, who discovers she is a fairy, and is the key to saving a hidden realm called Avalon. W (MORE)

What is left wing and right wing?

Assuming you at least understand that they are ways of identifying political ideologies, we'll start from there. The Right Wing generally believe that giving people the powe (MORE)

Are chicken wings really wings?

Yes, Chicken wings are really wings of the actual bird. If you want, you can search for videos online that demonstrate the process of slaughtering, plucking, and separating th (MORE)

How do you have a wings?

Well, it is only insects who have wings and even then they are only a part of their body. Birds also have wings because they need to be able to fly to catch their pray. So rea (MORE)
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How can you have wings?

You can't; it is biologically impossible. Artificial wings weretried a hundred years ago by several aviation pioneers, but allefforts resulted in broken bones or worse.