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Why did the skilled workers feel discontent under Bismarck?

The skilled workers felt discontent under Bismarck since he  advocated for cheap labor which led to hiring of under age  children. They skilled worker became irrelevant in G (MORE)
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In France Why were urban workers discontented?

The Urban workers were of the third estate class. they were least cared about even though the third estate paid the most taxes including necessities
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When is winter in Greece?

Greece is a mediterranian country. It's seasons and climate are similar to Italy, Spain, The southern states of the US, etc. Winter is in December to march.
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How do you get Winter?

When the Earth orbits, we get 4 seasons Summer,Autumn,Winter and Spring.So when we keep orbiting we get seasons.If one side of the world is Summer,the other side has Winter.If (MORE)

Why were members of the Third Estate discontented with conditions under the old regime?

Because they were the only ones that had to pay sky high taxes  while the 1st and 2nd estates didn't have to, because there was no  freedom of speech, religion and press, be (MORE)

Discuss the causes of discontent between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland and the significant events in this drama?

There are economic discrepancies between the two groups. There is also discrimination against Catholics in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is officially part of the U.K. (MORE)

Why is there no thunderstorms in winter?

Winter thunderstorms can occur, but are rare in most places. Winter  thunderstorms are rare because it is generally too cold.  Thunderstorms are fueled by warm, moist air. S (MORE)
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How do you know its winter?

when the planets are all facing a certain way it causes winter. you can tell when winter is about to approach because you will notice a change. leaves and other plants will st (MORE)