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How do you get on wipe out?

you fall down or purposly collapse on someone that is next to you. but make sure to break some of their bones and their skull before saying "OUCH"
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When did the Aztecs get wiped out?

During the following years after the Fall of Tenochtitlan (August 13, 1521) when the Aztec people were enslaved or died from diseases brought by Europeans.
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What is wipe out pulse?

Wipe out pulse is a racing game for psp and ps3,but for ps3 you need the playstation network for 50$ at game stop and you need the wipe out game card to put the code in the pl ( Full Answer )
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What is wipe in volleyball?

Wipe / Swipe : When one player pushes the ball against the opponents block and physically wipes the ball out of bounds.
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How do you wipe your tears?

To wipe your tears: . Raise your hand slightly next to cheeck area or nose or as desired. . Use one or two fingers to get ready to wipe. . Position your hand under eye lid. ( Full Answer )
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How do you wipe out WormNucryptgen?

sometimes it is not easy to remove such kind of worms, suggest you to try a powerful remover, and here is a website about the introduction of how to remove Worm Nucrypt gen
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How did the Vikings get wiped out?

They didn't get "wiped out". As the Vikings began to gain control of more land over Europe and England, they settled and eventually started to cease their murderous pillages ( Full Answer )
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Is wiping a verb?

Yes, wiping is a verb; the present participle of the verb to wipe. The present participle of a verb is also an adjective and a verbal noun called a gerund. Example uses: Ver ( Full Answer )
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Can you wipe rabbits with baby wipes?

Yes. It is way better than giving them a bath to. But dont let the rabbit get the baby wipe in its mouth.
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Is Wipe out Japanese?

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