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How are you wise?

A person can be wise because of education. Wisdom is defined ashaving the qualities of insight, perception, and sageness. Somepeople become wise as they age and learn new thin ( Full Answer )
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Were the wise men wise?

A: While English translations of Matthew's Gospel usually refer to 'wise men', the original Greek referred to magoi (Latin: magi , sing. magus ). The magoi or magi were p ( Full Answer )
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Who is wise?

Anyone who puts information to good use or to avoid conflicts in life.. Searchers of truth.. Someone with wisdom, knowledge, and learning, who wants to understand the world ( Full Answer )
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What is vehicle wise?

When you know your vehicle. How it will react when you put it into a spin and stuff like that. When you know how to change the oil and other things under the hood. It is good ( Full Answer )
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Is wise a noun?

Yes, the word 'wise' is a common, abstract noun meaning the mannerof something, the way or the mode of something. Example: "That's the way it crumbles, cookie wise." The noun ( Full Answer )
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How was Athena wise?

Athena got her wisdom likely from her mom. Her mom was Metis a greek wise woman. After pregnant Metis was turned a fly by zues in fear of his fall in power and was eaten by hi ( Full Answer )
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What is a sentence for wisely?

When the angry driver raised his fist and began shouting at mymother, she wisely lowered her head and acted demure andembarrassed instead of confronting him.
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Why are the wise men called wise?

The wise men in Matthew's Gospel were magoi (Latin: magi ), which is also translated from the original Greek intoEnglish as 'magi'. The magi were priests of the Zoroastrian ( Full Answer )
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What is a wise?

Wise is an adjective, not a noun. It means a person of experience and sound judgement.
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Why were the three wise men wise?

A: The appearance of the 'wise men' occurs in Matthew's Gospel, butthe gospel does not tell us about thie wisdom. In fact, Matthew does not even say there were three of them ( Full Answer )