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What is a wishbone?

A wishbone is a bone in a turkey that is shaped like a V. Oftenpeople break them in half, and who ever gets the bigger piece getsto make a wish.

What is the wishbone?

A "Y" shaped bone in a turkey and some other animals that is played with by two people trying to pull the bone, and whoever has most of the bone after it breaks is the winner. (MORE)

What is a car wishbone?

A double wishbone suspension is an automobile independent suspension design using two parallel wishbone -shaped arms to locate the wheel. Each wishbone (or arm) has t (MORE)

Does dinosaurs had wishbones?

Yes.. The wishbone, as known in anatomy as the furcula, is a fused clavicle bone which is shaped like the letter Y or V - was once only thought to be unqiue to birds.. We no (MORE)
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What is the purpose of a wishbone?

It is called the furcula, and it arose from the clavicles being fused together. Its purpose is to store energy during wingbeats of the bird.

What are wishbones?

It is a common name referring to the furcula, a y-shaped bone inbirds and some other animals. If you ever seen people holding abone and pulling it to see which side has the up (MORE)