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What is witnessing?

Within the Christian belief system, the term "witnessing" has arisen to refer to the process of sharing faith and professing belief in God to others. The term originates out o (MORE)

What is a witness?

A witness is a person who can give a firsthand account of something seen, hears, or experienced. A witness is also someone who furnishes evidence. A witness is a person (MORE)

What is WIT?

WIT - WikiAnswers' Influential Teens We're glad you asked! WIT is WikiAnswers' Influential Teens. our exciting and fun teen group! Any WikiAnswers member who is between the a (MORE)

How do you get into WIT?

You have to be between the ages of 13-18, have at least 50 quality non-message board contributions, and be in good standing with the site. This means you have a history of mak (MORE)

What is a WIT?

WIT is an acronym for Wiki Influential Teens, a teen program here on WikiAnswers. If you are a member of the WIT Program, you are usually referred to as a 'WIT.'
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Does a will have to be witnessed?

Yes, a will needs to have witnesses, particularly someone not directly related or otherwise involved in the process. This is done to ensure that fraud does not occur, and that (MORE)

How can we be witnesses?

Simply talk to the Jehovah's witnesses next time they come to your door, or you could pop down to your local kingdom hall. You could leave a message on my message board if you (MORE)
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How do you be a witness?

To happen to have personally observed an event and are then report this to the police.